Fitness Gloves/Straps

Sports/Fitness gloves main functions: 
*They help increase the friction between the palm and fitness equipment, which can increase the grip strength of the palm; 
*Some sport straps or hand grip gloves include a wrist strap, which disperses pressure to protect the wrist during exercise shoulder lifts or pull ups, spreading the weight of the equipment a bit to reduce pressure on the palm.
*Sports gloves help reduce equipment friction on the skin and protect the skin of both hands.

Wearing gloves is a simple way to solve the headache problem that many fitness enthusiasts have, especially when doing bending and pulling movements. The function of gloves is to help practitioners grip the grip more firmly, prevent slipping, and avoid sports injuries. Especially when the palms are sweating.

Main feature: Breathable, Non Slip, Prevent calluses, Protect the wrist, Sweat absorption 
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