Riding Gloves/Shoe Cover

The function of Riding gloves:
Riding gloves have functions such as sweat absorption, anti slip, breathability, and palm protection. Their main function is to protect the palm during cycling, and ergonomic gloves should be chosen.

Riding gloves can be divided into half finger and full finger, and different types of gloves are used in different seasons. The gloves used during different riding, methods are also different.

In daily cycling, half fingered gloves are commonly chosen in summer because they have better breathability compared to full fingered gloves. There are also those who use full finger gloves during the summer because it is easy to harm the skin. If you choose full finger gloves during the summer, try to choose gloves with good breathability. In addition to using full finger gloves and half finger gloves in the summer, it is best to choose full finger gloves in other seasons
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